Better Understanding Customers Is Top Priority For Marketers

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It’s also a top challenge that marketers face, based on the survey of professionals around the world. Other priorities that marketers are tackling this year include implementing automation technology, and orchestrating and managing cross-channel customer interactions. (Stat Source: Experian)

So what steps are you taking to better understand your customers? There are loads of options to collect this type of information, but not all methods are created equally. You can always get the quantitative data from Google Analytics and other programs, but what about the qualitative data? Don’t underestimate the power of customer surveys and even focus groups to uncover hidden friction points in the customer journey.

Key Takeaway:

As we’ve slowly seen TV ad spend go down year after year, it was only a matter of time before digital advertising beat out TV advertising in terms of global ad spend. The time is almost upon us. (Stat Source: Zenith Optimedia)

If you’re already advertising online, that means you are just going to be facing more competition in coming years. Watch out for your competitors, they may start trying to “beat” you in the online space for your own branded terms, and marketers who are not paying close attention may wake up one day in the near future to a rude awakening.

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We have been seeing this for some time now with our clients. If you are currently only advertising on a single platform, such as TV, adding digital advertising has the potential to increase your ROI by 19%. And if you add more platforms, this number only goes up. Based on the data, the use of 5 platforms leads to a lift of 35% over the use of just one platform. (Stat Source: The Advertising Research Foundation)

This leads us to another very important point of maintaining consistency in message and branding across all channels. To make this point, check out this next stat.

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Consistency is key. Do NOT use a bunch of dramatically different creative strategies. Stick to a solid theme for your campaigns. You want people to remember your advertising, who you are, and what you’re selling.

Key Takeaway:

On our earlier note, this would be a great qualitative question to ask your own customers to see where they stand on their preferred method of communication with your company. (Stat Source: Adestra)

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