Are people searching for me?

Good question, most likely yes.  You may not have as many people searching for you as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, but if you know anyone at all, the Internet is your key to finding information quickly and easily on anyone or anything.

Just yesterday I met with a client who was surprised to discover his name was the third highest referring keyword to his web site.  It was not only surprising, but alarming to him.  So, this morning, I decided to search my name.  I realize I am all over the Internet (I’m not bragging by all means). But, I have signed up for A LOT of “stuff” online.  I’m an Internet Marketing junkie, it’s my job.  Who can fault me for it?

The thing is, searching for my name on Google and other search engines has become a regular habit. I advise you to make it one as well.  With all these new sites, directory sites, social and people sites popping up every day your information can be out there and someone/anyone can claim it.  Sites like zoominfo and spoke may have your information, career history, address, etc. and anyone can claim it with an email address.  It’s just that easy.

Additionally, it’s good to see where you show up and who else shares your name be it a company or individual.  If your name is not returning a result for your company or organization, you might consider adjusting SEO tactics and strategies depending on your objectives.

Liberty Tsighis

Liberty Tsighis is the owner of Liberty Interactive Marketing, a Los Angeles digital marketing agency. She specializes in digital marketing strategy and content marketing. Foodie from birth, wine lover and family addict you can find her on , Twitter and Instagram.

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