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56% of US Smartphone Owning Adults Have Abandoned a Mobile Transaction

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015

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Key Takeaway:

This statistic is down from 66% in 2013, but as you can see, many people are hesitant to purchase on mobile devices. It should be noted, however, that the top reason for abandoning a mobile transaction was purchase uncertainty (45%), meaning those surveyed simply were not sure about the product itself, and did not abandon ship due to security concerns. (Stat Source: Jumio Notes)

Key Takeaway:

At 36%, slow load time was the second-highest ranked reason for abandoning a mobile transaction, after purchase uncertainty. Difficulty with navigation was third, with 31% of people surveyed citing this reason. Finally, security concerns about payment and personal information come in at 27 and 26% respectively. Meaning, the number one thing you can do as a business owner to ensure people purchase products on mobile devices is making sure your site loads as fast as possible. (Stat Source: Jumio Notes)

Key Takeaway:

Over 330,000 households will soon be notified that their tax returns were vulnerable to hacker access. The IRS should have had a crisis plan in place when this security breach occurred. Learn from their mistakes. Create an action plan for your business that details what specific steps your company will take in the event of a major security breach. (Stat Source: CNN Money)

Key Takeaway:

Email marketing is an essential component to digital marketing. At the very least you are probably producing content on a regular basis. It’s easy to send this content directly to readers’ inboxes, and there’s practically no better way to encourage your readers to give you their email address. If you’re not encouraging your readers to share their email address with you, you’re missing out on opportunities. (Stat Source: Quinn Whissen)

Key Takeaway:

You need to make sure you have fully set up all of your details in Google My Business. This includes verifying your physical address, website and listing your business hours. In addition, you need to manage your Google+ Profile and Page, as well as monitor and encourage customer reviews. (Stat Source: Google Think Insights)

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A One-Second Delay in Page-Load Time Leads to an 11% Drop in Page Views and 7% Drop in Conversions

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

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Key Takeaway:

You need to optimize your website to load as quickly as possible. Your business depends on it. We know there are a lot of things to keep track of in this crazy world of search engine marketing. You’ve more than likely spent the last several weeks / months stressing about Google’s latest mobile-friendly algorithm update. Hopefully you’ve already invested the time to make your site mobile-friendly, and now you can move on to tackling site speed. (Stat Source: The Aberdeen Group)

Key Takeaway:

Do not set your social media marketing on auto-pilot just because you think you have found the formula to success for your social media marketing campaigns. You should always be testing your campaigns to see how you can improve them. After all, there are new competitors coming onto these every day, and your existing competitors are likely ramping up their efforts too. Don’t let your social campaigns go stagnant! (Stat Source: Social Media Examiner)

Key Takeaway:

It’s absolutely essential to give your website design the time it deserves. Don’t let your own personal preferences on design negatively impact your website design. Trust your design and SEO partners to guide you in creating a highly functional, beautiful and trustworthy site. (Stat Source: Social Triggers Blog)

Key Takeaway:

If your business depends on leads, your top priority should be making it as easy as possible for your mobile visitors to call you. This stat is based on a Google study of 3,000 mobile searchers to see what happens if they can’t directly call the company. (Stat Source: Quick Sprout)

Key Takeaway:

Make sure you have the budget and resources to cover your content marketing campaigns for the next few years. Keep in mind that your competitors are likely upping their game in the content marketing world, so you need to stay on top of yours to avoid the risk of falling behind. (Stat Source: PulsePoint)

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28% of Marketers Have Reduced Traditional Advertising Budgets to Fund More Digital Marketing

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Check out this week’s top 5 digital marketing stats! #TWT5

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Key Takeaway:

Don’t be afraid to adjust your marketing and advertising budgets throughout the year. If one channel isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, do some research to uncover why it’s underperforming. Then adjust your strategy as necessary to get the results you want. (Stat Source: Business 2 Community)

Key Takeaway:

With all the talk about mobile marketing and mobile search, you may be tempted to leave the PC-side of things on the back-burner. Don’t do it. All platforms should be given the attention they deserve to ensure a stellar user experience. (Stat Source: comScore)

Key Takeaway:

If you’re not in the TV biz, you may be thinking “Who cares?” – Well, you should! Think outside the box on this one. If you know your customer demographics well, you can identify which shows they watch, and use these shows to come up with some creative marketing.

For example, create a quiz to see which character they are most like in the show and tie it back to your product or service. Or simply schedule your social posts to publish during the shows so your target audience sees them. (Stat Source: ShareThis)

Key Takeaway:

All too often, the products that fail are the ones that do not satisfy buyer needs. Seems simple in theory, but figuring out buyer needs and pain points is no easy task. When you’re developing a new product or service, make sure you perform extensive buyer research before bringing it to market. If you need help, hire a design and innovation consulting firm. (Stat Source: Regalix)

Key Takeaway:

Eight billion dollars. That’s a number that most people have a hard time even comprehending. As a marketer, it’s up to you to determine how much money of your total budget to allocate to social media marketing. Make sure you’re choosing social channels that work for your business. If you need help, drop us a line and let’s have a conversation about your marketing. (Stat Source: Sarv)

74% of Consumers Say They are More Likely to Return to a Mobile-Friendly Site

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Check out this week’s top 5 digital marketing statistics and key takeaways! #TWT5

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Key Takeaway:

This statistic is a big part of why Google started rolling out mobile-friendly website algorithm updates, fondly referred to as the big Mobilegeddon announcement by us search engine marketers. Despite the ‘big’ announcement on April 21, Google hasn’t penalized sites that are not 100% mobile friendly. Rather, they are just giving mobile-friendly web pages a little boost in mobile search results, but leaving everything else pretty much unharmed. (Stat Source: Google)

Key Takeaway:

Live streaming video is the hottest online technology right now. See how you can come up with creative ways to use live-streaming content to your advantage in your marketing campaigns. is known in the gaming world as the place gamers go to watch other gamers play. It was recently acquired by Amazon. So it is definitely a niche product, but there are other, more general live stream platforms you can use, such as YouTube, Livestream, and Don’t forget Periscope which is convenient to use with Twitter. If you are in a niche industry, try to find a niche live stream service, like for artists and graphic designers, or for programmers. (Stat Source: MOZ)

Key Takeaway:

What was once meaningless just a few years ago is now part of everyday Internet culture and mainstream vocabulary. The #TBT hashtag really started taking root around April 2012, when it began surpassing mentions of “Throwback Thursday.”

Using popular trends such as this is a great way to illustrate the culture of your brand to your customers. Utilize trending topics and hashtags in your social media posts and find unique ways to tie your brand into the message to get more eyeballs on your company. (Stat Source: The Twitter Blog)

Key Takeaway:

Customer reviews are extremely valuable. They can make or break products. The idea of deceptive or fake reviews is disturbing to business owners, and rightfully so. Many fear that competitors will write negative reviews posing as real customers to try and sabotage the business. However, marketing researchers at the Kellogg School of Management have recently discovered a unique type of deceptive review – written by a company’s best customers.

These customers posted reviews on the website of a prominent apparel company. In a nutshell, research found that the customers did not purchase or use the product they reviewed. However, they felt like they were so familiar with the brand and its products (they have on average each purchased over 100 items from the retailer) that they view themselves as “self-appointed brand managers.” They think it is their duty to guide the company to be better.

It is your job as a business owner to monitor online reviews of your products and services and do the best that you can to keep them legitimate. (Stat Source: KelloggInsight)

Key Takeaway:

Gmail is now the top email service, above Hotmail, Yahoo and everyone else. So when you’re checking your email marketing templates to see how they render on the top platforms and devices, you better make sure that they look good on Gmail and iPhones. And if you’re a rock star, you’ll make sure they look good on the other top platforms and mobile devices as well. (Stat Source: Google)

Google Controls 87.1% of US Mobile Search Query Volume

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Check out this week’s top five digital marketing stats! #TWT5

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Key Takeaway:

This is an even higher percentage than what they control in desktop search, which is 67.6%. What does this mean for you as a marketer? It means that when they make announcements about mobile search, like their Mobilegeddon announcement that was made yesterday, you better listen and follow their advice. (Stat Source: StatCounter)

Key Takeaway:

This statistic comes from a fascinating new survey that was designed to answer the question “Why do Millennials use Facebook and Twitter?” As it turns out, more than 90% of this generation uses Facebook, while fewer than 4 in 10 use Twitter. Surprised?

Millennials say they primarily use Facebook to keep up with friends. Their main use for Twitter is to see what’s trending in the social media world. These are extremely valuable insights to keep in mind when crafting your online marketing campaigns. (Stat Source: Media Insight Project)

Key Takeaway:

Not only is this method considered one of the most effective, but it’s also one of the easiest to execute. When you’re performing A/B testing on your landing pages, just make sure you always test one element per test. If you change 2 or 3 elements at a time, you’ll have no idea what led to your increase or decrease in conversion rate. (Stat Source: Ascend2)

Text is an important component of all content marketing strategies. However, don’t forget about pictures. Infographics are one of the most popular forms of visual aid and can really help you capture the majority of people’s attention. (Stat Source: Zero Gravity)

Key Takeaway:

If you’re marketing to teens, don’t pour all your money into those smaller social sites you think they spend all their time on, like snapchat and reddit. Yes they use these sites, but the big dogs still steal the majority of their time. After YouTube, 63.7% of teens use Facebook, followed by 56.4% that use Instagram. (Stat Source: NuVoodoo)

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5 Easy Ways to Increase Website Conversions

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Most would agree that the main goal of most business websites is to generate leads and sales. It’s the whole point of driving traffic to your site and spending all that time and energy trying to engage your visitors. When a visitor leaves your site without providing any information, you’ve lost the opportunity to nurture that relationship and convert that person into a customer.

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We’re helping you to improve this goal by providing these five easy ways to increase website conversions.

Effective Calls-to-Action

If you have a low conversion rate, it may be time to analyze your Calls to Action (CTA) across your site pages. As a tip, it’s best to include a variation of CTA’s based on your customer lifecycle. Here are some other elements to keep in mind when creating effective CTA’s:

  • Perform A/B tests on elements such as color, language and placement. Great tools for this Optimizely and Unbounce.
  • Be clear and concise.
  • Provide value. DO NOT just use “Contact us” as a default.
  • Make your CTA stand out from other elements on the page.

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CTA Positioning

Once you have the main CTA details down using the tips above, you can begin thinking about the positioning. One of the more common placements is at the end of your text, whether a blog post or main page of your website.

While this placement is effective, don’t ignore the rest of the page. For example, placing a CTA both above and below the fold may help you increase website conversions. Additionally, sometimes placement on the right sidebar helps increase conversions, but ultimately you’d want to test this out on your own site to see if it works for you.

A final tip on CTA positioning – adjust your CTA positioning to compliment your business funnel. This means placing your top-of-funnel type offers on top-level pages, and middle-of-the-funnel offers on pages where the visitor gets to dig deeper.

Landing Pages

Online advertising that uses landing pages typically sees a conversion rate improvement of at least 25%, testing can double this number. – Omniture

Landing pages are critical in generating website conversions. They offer a way for you to direct your visitor towards a specific action without the typical distractions included in the full website. Your landing page should include the following elements:

  • A headline and subheadline
  • Description of the offer
  • Captivating image (avoid stock photography)
  • A form to gather visitor information
  • A fast load time (A one second delay in your site speed can result in a 7% reduction in conversions – KISSmetrics)

Remove the website navigation from the landing page to remove the temptation to navigate elsewhere on the site. As with the CTA, you should constantly test your landing page to see what language, formatting, navigation schemas and other elements work best.


Forms are the key to converting visitors to leads, so it’s important to take the time to create the most effective forms you possibly can. The more fields you ask the visitor to fill out, the better you will be able to qualify the lead. However, if you create too many fields, you risk losing conversions, because people are hesitant to provide too much information. A few things to keep in mind with your forms:

  • Reinforce the fact that they can trust you. A link to your privacy policy is usually sufficient.
  • The more valuable your offer, the more information you can typically ask of the visitor.
  • Be cautious of asking for sensitive information people may not want to share.
  • Set expectations and deliver on your promises aka give them the offer right away.

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