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Remarketing With Google Analytics Drives 10X Higher Conversion Than Traditional Display Ads

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Here are this week’s top 5 digital marketing statistics and key takeaways. Want to know how these stats relate to your business? Drop us a line and let’s chat about your online marketing goals.

google display network

Key Takeaway:

Marketo and Google recently released a case study which highlights how Marketo was able to use Google Analytics’ custom data fields to achieve better results from their online advertising efforts. Specifically, they set up ways to identify audiences in Analytics based on conversion stage or business vertical. From this data, they were able to quickly assign remarketing lists in order to serve more personalized remarketing ads to visitors. This resulted in 10x higher conversion rate. (Stat source: Think With Google)

Remarketing to all visitors is a start, but segmentation and list building of your audiences is how you stay top of mind and improve conversion. Utilize the data points you have available to you about your visitors, customers and website to improve your marketing and advertising efforts. Don’t just assume that all of your customers and visitors are part of the same audience. You may have a few distinct audiences for your business, and the better you understand each one the more opportunity you have to create a personalized experience for them.

Key Takeaway:

The big news in the social media sphere this week is that the CEO of Twitter is stepping down. Along with this news, many were surprised to learn that Twitter has never turned a profit. Only time will tell if the social media giant will be able to turn things around and prove its value to investors and advertisers before it’s too late. (Stat Source: Chris Sacca)

How many customers have tried your product or service, never to return again? Make sure you’re doing your research to discover why customers did not return to your company again so that you can do your best to improve for the future.

Key Takeaway:

You may remember us talking about Twitch, a live-streaming gaming service that was recently acquired by Amazon. Well, in an attempt to better serve the gaming demographic, now Google is rolling out YouTube Gaming, a new application that “will act as a video hub that highlights live streams of people playing games as they battle aliens or try to score in a virtual soccer game.” (Stat Source: Internet Retailer)

Ask yourself, is there a way that your company or organization can better serve one of your major demographics?

Key Takeaway:

One key component to your company’s success is your employees. If your employees are not happy working for you, you will get high turn-over which makes it tough to grow. Our world is becoming increasingly digital, and many peoples’ jobs are able to be done from home on the computer. If you have star employees who want to work from home or from the office but on their own time schedule, let them! (Stat source: KPCB)

Key Takeaway:

It’s not all about the money. If you don’t have the extra cash to bump up your mobile bids, spend a little bit of time trying to increase your Quality Score. (Stat source: WordStream)

So there you have it, this week’s top 5 digital marketing stats and key takeaways – #TWT5!

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By 2019 Mobile Will Account for 72% of US Digital Ad Spend

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

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Key Takeaway:

Mobile is where the growth is. Facebook and Google dominate mobile advertising currently, but keep your eye out for other top companies that are climbing the ranks, such as Pinterest, who recently started offering advertising to companies. (Stat Source: eMarketer)

Key Takeaway:

This means they will probably come up with some pretty amazing features for the buy button. Pinterest could end up dominating social media commerce. Are you ready for that? The best piece of advice we can give you is to start reading up on their advertising policies. Promoted pins can’t really look like advertising in the traditional sense of the word, so you need to put on your creative hat. (Stat Source: Inbound Hub)

Key Takeaway:

So if your open rates are terrible, this could be the reason why. Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile devices. It is not just something that can help a little bit. It essentially makes or breaks your email campaigns. (Stat Source: Search Engine Journal)

Key Takeaway:

Shipping cost is the most common reason for visitors to abandon a purchase. So offer your customers free shipping and make sure this is clearly stated on your site. This should increase conversions AND the size of each order. (Stat Source: Crazy Egg)

Key Takeaway:

There are now 300 million monthly users on the social media platform. If you’re not utilizing Instagram, you’re simply ignoring 300 million people who could be engaging with your company / brand. The top 5 brands on Instagram are: Nike, Starbucks, Adidas, GoPro, and Zara. For more fun tidbits, check out this KissMetrics infographic. (Stat Source: Instagram)

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Angry Social Media Posts Have More Impact Than Joyful Posts

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Check out this week’s top 5 digital marketing statistics and key takeaways! #TWT5

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Key Takeaway:

We’re not advising you create an angry social media campaign! Clearly social media has changed the way people communicate and interact with other people and with businesses. If you use your basic offline social skills and habits in your social media efforts, you should be able to maintain a healthy social presence and good relationship with your key audiences. Bottom-line – Always keep your social posts friendly, polite and professional. (Stat Source: Beijing University)

Key Takeaway:

The more options you give customers on how they want to hear from your brand, they more likely they will enjoy your content. Simple as that. Give your email subscribers options! Not only should you ask how often they want to hear from you, ask them what format of email they prefer, and even what topics they want to hear about. The more you know about them the more you can do your best to delight them! (Stat Source: Experian Marketing Services)

Key Takeaway:

Reduce the number of form-fields on your landing pages. Yes, this means you are capturing less information to start, but getting more conversions in the end. You can always come up with creative ways to get more information about your audiences at a later time. (Stat Source: HubSpot)

Key Takeaway:

Most online stores today feature English as the primary language. But if you’re selling a product to international audiences, it’s important to keep in mind that English is not perfectly understood everywhere in the world. Bottom line for international brands – it’s essential to provide multi-language support through your online store, especially for the most popular languages, including Spanish, French, and Chinese. (Stat Source: Multichannel Merchant)

Key Takeaway:

This stat is significant right now because of the upcoming Google announcement on April 21, when the company is going to announce a big change to their search algorithm. We suspect it’s mainly going to be about mobile-friendly websites gaining more visibility than non-mobile friendly sites.

Hopefully your website already has at least some mobile-friendly features to it. To take it a step further, you should take a look at the images on your website. That huge image on your desktop site is mostly useless for people accessing your site on mobile or tablet.

So what should you do? Consider if the image is really even necessary for mobile users. If it is, make a smaller version for your mobile users. But be careful, there is a correct and incorrect way to do this. If you’re not sure, get help from a digital marketing agency. (Stat Source: HTTP Archive)

If you have any questions or comments about how these statistics relate to your business, shoot us an email and we will be happy to help!

#TWT5 Youtube Now Second Largest Search Engine

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Check out this week’s top 5 digital marketing stats and key takeaways!

Digital Marketing stats | PPC Management Agency

Key Takeaway:

Video and images can convey your business and marketing messages much quicker than any piece of written content. If you don’t yet have a YouTube presence for your company, it’s about time you start. Just make sure that your strategy matches with your end goals. (Stat Source: Social Media Today)

Key Takeaway:

As a digital marketing specialist, this statistic jumped out at me because honestly I expected it to be a much higher percentage. It’s typically considered best practices to remove main website navigation on your PPC landing pages. This is because you want the visitors of that page to make one single action, and you want to do everything in your power to drive them take that action. So navigation buttons are just distractions and ways for visitors to easily leave your landing page and forget all about your juicy offer on the page. (Stat Source: MarketingSherpa)

Key Takeaway:

I constantly hear people saying statements like “email is dead” and “no one reads emails anymore” which is why I love this stat. Email is not dead. Email marketing can be a solid component to your online marketing strategy, it just shouldn’t be the only way you market to your audiences. Great email campaigns that run with a solid SEO and PPC strategy can prove very successful for many businesses. (Stat Source: HubSpot)

Key Takeaway:

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Google’s keyword planner tool is not very helpful when conducting keyword research for your business. It almost feels like they are trying to make it difficult for you to uncover terms people are actually using. It’s best to use it for reference but also use other tools and research methods to uncover the terms people are actually using to find the types of products and services you offer. (Stat Source: Webbiquity)

Key Takeaway:

For years, business owners doubted the power of social media, but this stat makes it clear that the majority of businesses should be using social sites to their advantage. Social media is about authentically connecting with your audiences and building trust. (Stat Source: Top Rank Online Marketing)

So there you have it! We hope you learned something new today. If you have any questions about how these stats relate to your business, shoot us an email!

#TWT5 Digital Marketing Stats + Takeaways: Social Advertising, Mobile Paid Search, Email Marketing

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

We’ve dug through this week’s digital marketing research and have come up with these top 5 stats and key takeaways to share with you.

PPC Management Agency

Key Takeaway:

Even just one year ago, there were quite a few marketers who believed social advertising wouldn’t work or last. However it’s clear from this statistic, which came from a Salesforce survey of 5,000 marketers across major brand categories that these naysayers must be on the decline. (Stat Source: Salesforce)

Key Takeaway:

Customers are smart and don’t have time to waste. They do their research, read reviews, and check out social media feedback before making most purchases. For businesses, this means it’s imperative to be where the customer is at the right time. Your inbound marketing needs to nurture the customer through the journey to purchase. And just in case you think inbound marketing is all about fresh SEO content, let’s get one thing clear right here: paid search is an important strategic element of the customer’s journey too. (Stat Source: SiriusDecisions)

Key Takeaway:

Most business owners now understand that search is going mobile in a big way. This stat should offer further proof for any nonbelievers still out there. At the very least you should check how your landing pages render on tablets and smartphones and make sure you have click-to-call features enabled on your website and ads. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have on mobile advertising to help your ads stand out from the crowd, just shoot us an email. (Stat Source: Marin Software)

Key Takeaway:

Are your email marketing campaigns running on auto-pilot? Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing just because there’s so much talk about other mediums like social and blogging. Do a thorough review of your current email marketing strategy and see if there is anything you can do to improve it, and ultimately improve your ROI at the same time. (Stat Source: Marketing Zen)

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Key Takeaway:

SEO is still topping the charts for generating leads and creating new business. Every day you can find new articles by some marketing “pro” trying to claim that SEO is dead, but that’s simply not true. Organic search still beats out social media, TV ads and news stories as the top way customers find information. Which means businesses MUST put their time, money and other resources where the search is. (Stat Source: Forrester Research Survey)

So there you have it! This week’s top 5 digital marketing stats and key takeaways.

Build Brand Reputation and Visibility Through Expert Question and Answer Apps

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

There are a few websites and apps gaining in popularity right now that are focused on community-based, user-generated questions and answers. The top three biggest players in this field right now are Quora, Cinch, and Jelly. Let’s take a look at each one and see how they stack up against each other. We’ll also give you helpful hints on how you can use these tools in your role as a marketing professional or business owner.



Quora is by far the most developed of the three platforms and has been around the longest, since June 2009. It is a question-and-answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. Questions are grouped by topic, and users can work together to edit questions as well as suggest edits to other users’ answers. You can also “vote up” questions that you want to see answers to.

Quora is available as a website, however they have also developed an iPhone and Android app as well. The cherry on top came last year when they rolled out a blogging platform. The last main updates that Quora released in 2013 is the ability to search the full text of questions and answers, and finally, the ability for writers to see how many people have viewed their questions and answers.

There are already many well-known people that are actively engaging in the Quora community, such as Rand Fishkin and Ashton Kutcher. This boosts the credibility of the website as a whole. If you’re new to the question and answer websites, this is a great place to start.



If you head on over to the Jelly homepage, they have a very well put together video you can watch that features the CEO and co-founder of Jelly, Biz Stone (Yes, that Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter.) He tells you the main idea behind the platform and how it all came about. Essentially he explains that they wanted to build a search engine that is built for today’s technology landscape. Their concept is “everyone is mobile, everyone is connected, so if you have a question, there is somebody out there who knows the answer.”

Jelly is an app that uses photos and people from your social networks to get you answers to your questions. It uses both your network and your extended network to give you access to a whole bunch of people who may be able to answer your question.

It was founded in April 2013 and naturally is not as developed as Quora. However, the image and social network aspects of the platform are what sets Jelly apart from Quora. Quora is much more text-and-topic based whereas Jelly is image-and-relationship based.



Like Jelly, Cinch is a relatively new platform and is only available as a smartphone application at this time (available for iPhone only). Made by the folks at Klout, cinch is “people directly helping other people by sharing their wisdom and knowledge and influencing them to make better decisions.” It is also geared towards the home advice industry specifically, so most users are interested in topics like gardening, cooking, furniture, and so on.

It was launched in September 2013, making this the newest app of all three platforms. It is not currently available outside of the US and there is no dedicated website for the platform. The developers are currently working on creating an Android app with the hopes of releasing it in the near future.

The app has received a bit of feedback from initial users saying it’s a great concept but some of the features are not quite perfected yet. For example, as of December 2013, users are not able to edit or delete submitted questions. Additionally, some users complain that the questions they receive to answer are not relevant to them. These are kinks surely to be worked out in the future since this is a young app.

What makes this app different is you can sign up as an “expert” and the app will automatically send you questions it thinks you can answer. The marketing potential of this app will grow as the number of users also grows.

How-To Use These Platforms For Marketing Your Business

These websites and apps are perfect to establish yourself as an expert in your field by providing authoritative answers on key topics. So for example if you sell a product like baby clothes, you can answer user questions on that topic and people will begin to respect you as an industry insider. The more answers you post, the more people will be able to read your opinions and expert advice.

Great for B2B and B2C Businesses

These platforms can be used as excellent tools in both the B2B and B2C industries. In fact, they offer quite a bit of marketing power for B2B industries, which is great news considering B2B marketing can be challenging in the eyes of many marketers and business owners. For example, Rand Fishkin is very engaged on Quora and answers all types of industry questions about SEO. If you’ve been in the online marketing biz for more than a minute, you know how well-respected Rand is on the topic of web optimization. Imagine the thrill if you asked a question and received a direct answers by Mr. Fishkin? Now imagine if you take the time to answer user questions across these platforms. You can become that type of expert in your own field, so that when people ask a question, they are thrilled to see that it’s been directly answered by you.

Track and Monitor

It’s best to try and get a pulse on your specific industry by setting up “listening” tools wherever possible. Quora lets you follow topics so you can stay up to date on whatever interests you. You can fine-tune your email preferences to only receive notifications about questions and answers you feel are important.

Finally, wherever possible, track your questions and answers to see how many people are viewing them, and actively think of new ways to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

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