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375Percent increase in site traffic
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Downtown Phoenix Partnership (Website Launch, SEO/SEM, Social and Content Marketing, Email and Online Reputation)


  • Develop Internet Marketing Strategy to increase engagement, visits and account creation
  • Position downtownphoenix.com as #1 for “downtown phoenix”
  • Key components of the plan included online community outreach, search engine optimization, search marketing applying through Google Grant program, social media, email marketing and content development
  • Training staff on social community engagement and interaction


  • Transition coppersquare.com to downtownphoenix.com
  • Natural inbound links increased from 3k to 34k
  • 375% increase in site traffic within 60 days

59Percent organic traffic increase
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Vista Systems, a Christie Digital Systems company (Technology, B2B SEO)

Vista Systems manufactures and distributes high-end technology equipment for use in a wide variety of applications including Broadcasting, Entertainment, Military and Science. The average sale value is greater than $100,000 and includes the product, installation, and training. Clients are located throughout the United States and internationally. They were recently acquired by Christie Digital, the world’s single source manufacturer of a variety of display technologies and solutions for cinema, large audience environments, control rooms, business presentations, training facilities, 3D and virtual reality, simulation, education, media and government.

The challenge for Vista Systems and its SEO strategy is the Company makes a product that no one knows they need. Being such a niche product manufacturer, there was very little search volume for Vista’s products or brand. After extensive research, the focus was placed on targeting relatable searches for information on the many obscure applications of their product. Content development and promotion strategies were created based on search volume trending and competitive research.

Plan and Results

Liberty Interactive Marketing was retained to provide SEO services in early 2007 and has been implementing a phased combination of On-site and Off- site SEO strategy and tactics ever since. Within 90-days, the site was fully indexed and site traffic had increased by 22%, with organic traffic increasing to 59% of total traffic. More recently, as of November 2009, year-over-year referring traffic has increased by 57.7%. Additionally, as of November 2009, the number of traffic generating organic keywords has increased by 19.7% year-over-year.

63Percent increase in traffic generating terms
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Phoenix Art Museum (SEO)

Phoenix Art Museum eliminated its outdated, non-search friendly Content Management System which was causing site outages and productivity losses. Liberty Interactive Marketing, who had been retained to provide Search Marketing and Email Marketing Strategy and Management, was contracted to plan and develop a new site with search-friendly architecture and construction. Due to budget constraints, only limited on-site SEO was possible.

In the period following the launch of the new site, organic traffic increased by 17% as the new site was crawled and indexed. However, due to the lack of ongoing SEO maintenance and off-site implementation, organic traffic began to fall. Within 60-days of SEO inactivity, organic traffic had fallen 46%. Organic traffic languished at this level until Liberty Interactive Marketing was engaged to fully optimize the site and provide ongoing SEO services.

Plan and Results

Utilizing a phased approach, positive results were visible within 30 days, with organic traffic increasing 6% year-over-year. Considerable improvements continue through ongoing SEO efforts by Liberty Interactive Marketing.

Organic traffic increased each month since with organic traffic exceeded the same period the previous year by 38.2%. During this same period the number of traffic generating keywords increased by 63.7%.

Additionally, referring traffic, which represents a quality measure of inbound linking strategy and implementation, has increased year-over-year by 76.5%.

263New customers in < 30 days
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Wheeling Island Casino (online advertising, email, search marketing)

Liberty Interactive Marketing was brought in to partner with Defero on Wheeling Island Casino. The area was experiencing a downturn in gaming revenue due to increased competition from neighboring states, which have recently legalized casino games. This change in legislation led to the construction of several newer, larger hotel/casinos in the immediate vicinity. Additionally, the tax differential between the subject state and the neighboring states put the client at a distinct disadvantage. In this situation ROI was paramount.


Liberty Interactive Marketing’s challenge was to determine the most effective and economical way to increase online visibility for the casino as well as drive traffic through the door. Initial research concluded that an interactive marketing plan including Paid Search, Contextual Advertising, Online Media and strategic landing page development would provide the highest blended ROI. A successful strategy was imperative given a short-term campaign with a horizon of only a few months.

  • Conducted extensive keyword research and competitive landscape analysis to determine potential reach and predicted success.
  • Wireframed and developed custom landing page structure to promote and track 3 simultaneous offers through the campaign period.
  • Planned and created geo-targeted campaigns on 4-5 venues including a network national media buy with behavioral and retargeting as well as interest- and lifestyle-based contextual advertising.
  • Tracking, measurement, reporting and optimization


In the first 30 days:

  • Produced 9.4 million impressions at an average cost per thousand (CPM of $1.45) and 12,744 clicks to the Web site
  • Generated 2,630 conversion actions at a 20.64% conversion rate with an average cost of $5.19 per action.
  • Client estimated annual value of a new customer is $1,647.36, which based on a 10% observed redemption rate (263 new customers in the first month) represents $433,255.68 in potential annual revenue.
  • ROI for the first 30 days of the campaign: $31.77 in revenue for every $1 invested. A 3,000% ROI.

381Percent increase in Conversion Rate
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Thunderbird School of Global Management (Search Marketing, SEO)

When we began our engagement with Thunderbird School of Global Management the country was in the middle of an economic crisis and corporate budgets were being frozen or cut. Our task was to increase targeted leads to fulfill empty seats for the upcoming and future semesters on a smaller budget. We had to reach targeted prospects that were looking for higher education and reach prospects that had a global mindset. In addition, we were also faced with improving program efficiencies, integration and tracking.


  • Focus on increasing and improving immediate lead flow by auditing existing Paid Search campaigns, implementing active management and analyzing Web site statistics. Parlay findings from Paid Search into an SEO strategy to build long-term growth and acquire leads from organic search.
  • Analyze competitive landscape
  • Restructure and reorganize Paid Search campaigns
  • Develop conversion-oriented landing page structure (microsite)
  • Learn from performance and integrate into other Internet marketing initiatives
  • Tracking, measurement, reporting and optimization


Within the first six months of active Paid Search Management:

  • Conversion Rate increased 381%
  • Cost Per Lead decreased 68%
  • 43% decrease in total costs

Efficiencies were gained from search query data from Paid Search campaigns and parlayed into on-site SEO. Thus far, the site has experienced an average organic traffic increase of 476% YOY from intuitively relevant non-branded key terms within four months of implementing the first three phases of on-site SEO.

65Percent decrease in Cost Per Sale
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Nutritional Supplement Company (Online Advertising and Search Marketing)

Liberty Interactive Marketing was engaged to audit the client’s new website and existing online marketing initiatives and provide feedback and recommendations. The client was experiencing declining ROI since the launch of the new site.

Liberty Interactive Marketing’s challenge was to determine the most effective and economical way to decrease costs, while increasing online visibility for the client’s target market as well as increasing online sales in a very competitive market. Initial research concluded that an interactive marketing plan including Paid Search, Contextual Advertising, Online Media and strategic landing page development would provide the highest blended ROI.


Liberty Interactive Marketing was hired as a partner to manage every aspect of the interactive marketing campaign that included:

  • Extensive keyword and competitive landscape analysis to determine potential reach and predicted success.
  • Consult on landing page choice and structure to promote and track 3 simultaneous offers through the campaign period.
  • Plan and create targeted campaigns on 4 venues including retargeting as well as interest- and lifestyle-based contextual advertising.
  • Tracking, measurement, reporting and optimization


In the first 90 days, the interactive marketing campaign managed by Liberty Interactive Marketing:

  • Reduced campaign expenses by 61% while increasing the number of sales by 10%
  • Decreased average Cost Per Click by 51%
  • Increased Converion Rate by 25% while decreasing cost per sale by 65%
  • Improved average ad position from 4.05 to 1.86
  • ROI for the first 90 days of the campaign: $36.66 in revenue for every $1 invested.
D.R. Horton – Austin, Texas Region

National Homebuilder burned by previous interactive agency wants, and gets, results


For the Austin regional office of D.R. Horton, paid search marketing with their previous agency just wasn’t going the way they had hoped. It hadn’t produced noticeable results and there was no ROI to speak of.

With Cost Per Action high and ROI low, they were left with a bitter taste for search marketing management. It was important that we show them the value Liberty Interactive Marketing could bring in a declining real estate market.


Liberty Interactive Marketing took over search marketing management, including:

  • Front-end campaign audit of existing keywords and ad creative; restructuring of account as needed
  • Evaluation of existing search marketing campaign to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Landing page recommendations leading to an increase in overall conversion rate
  • Tracking, measurement, reporting and optimization


  • ClickThrough Rate increased 154%
  • 1,600% Conversion Rate increase (previous CR 0.53%, new CR 9.1%)
  • Decreased Cost Per Action by 96% from $942 to $37
  • 7,750 total visits to landing page
  • 537 form submissions
  • 25 residential purchase contracts

"We have worked with Liberty Interactive on multiple SEO strategy and execution assignments. On every occasion, we've been delighted by the superlative results. Organic search rises dramatically and business leads follow."

Elizabeth Sosnow, Managing Director
Bliss Integrated

"Thank you for knowing [our] business and asking relevant things, your team continues to prove you're our partner not our vendor. Thank you!!"

Kelly Santina, Senior Marketing Director
Thunderbird School of Global Management

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