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We deliver. Solutions, not a menu of services. We provide solutions that focus on gaining targeted traffic and convert traffic. We look at every aspect of your digital presence from increasing visibility within search engines to reputation management, from inbound marketing to digital business processes and customer experience.

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Digital Assessment

The Digital Assessment provides insight into your audience and online reputation and illuminates ways to increase visibility to your target audience(s). Our Assessment covers three areas 1) User behavior and website statistics analysis, 2) online reputation review and 3) technical site assessment. The result? A guidebook full of recommendations to improve customer experience and increase visibility.

We also offer auditing consulting services for specific needs:

  • Marketing channel audits for search marketing campaigns, online advertising and email marketing communication campaigns are conducted to understand where campaigns can be optimized to increase goal and conversion performance.
  • Customer Experience audits - conducted across one or multiple channels to optimize against goals and user experience reducing friction and increasing engagement with your audience.
  • Business Process Assessment - your online marketing business processes are evaluated to determine where efficiencies can be gained with regard to where manual workflows can be moved to an online or automated process to reduce overhead and improve efficiencies in productivity.
Digital Marketing Strategy

We'll develop a go-to-market digital marketing strategy for your company within 60 days. We'll assess your digital content library and conduct audience identification research, competitive landscape analysis, and keyword research to determine the right mix of media for your company's online success. Recommendations for budget, timelines, KPI tracking and resources will be provided.

We also offer individual channel strategies based on your marketing plan, these include:

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy

See digital marketing services below for more information on these programs.

digital marketing services

Website Strategy and Information Architecture

If your company is planning the development of a new website and looking to build a solid foundation that is customer-centric you'll need to develop a strategic site architecture first. That's where we come in. Through our website strategy workshop we will work with you to identify and prioritize key audiences, their needs and then develop a sitemap in accordance with meeting those needs. We overlay that with customer experience mapping and KPI definition to give you a site architecture that is strategically created for your audience and designed to achieve your marketing goals. We'll also provide you with a roadmap for tracking and measuring performance from the start so you don't have to backtrack to figure out what has been working or how to optimize the experience going forward.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is imperative to any organization's online presence. If you're looking to handle an online reputation management issue or increase your visibility for branded or targeted terms we'd like to help. We'll craft an SEO plan that will improve your online presence and reach your marketing goals. With our proprietary Internet marketing dashboard you'll be able to review performance in organic traffic, conversions and visibility for targeted terms on a regular basis.

We provide results > SEO case study

Search Engine Marketing

Do you need help with search engine marketing management on Google or paid advertising on Facebook? 90% of campaigns fail due to poor organization and structure. Our company has proven success in search marketing management that delivers on maximizing every dollar spent. Our search marketing management services include strategy, competitive review, account setup, ad creation, and reporting. In most cases, we also handle landing page strategy, development and testing. We monitor your programs daily and have optimization plans constantly in motion to eliminate underperforming key phrases and ads.

We provide results > Search Marketing case study

Social Media Marketing

We'll develop a social media plan to establish or enhance your social presence and help you connect with fans in real-time on the right communities for your brand be it Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest or others. Our social media management service is geared towards your marketing goals and helping to position your brand as a resource and thought leader. We will work with you to create a content plan, editorial schedule, track engagement and actions that lead to conversions such as leads, email signs up, sales and purchases.

Content Marketing

Whether you need support with content creation, content promotion or both, we can provide you with a clear direction for your content marketing. We will:

  • Help you create a blog or provide recommendations for increasing visibility on an existing one. We'll help you put together a content marketing strategy and deliver recommendations on the types of information to be created, if needed we'll even write it for you.
  • Identify resources needed and work with you to create a budget and timeline for the development and promotion of a variety of content formats including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, how-to guides and other formats.
  • Organize community outreach and other promotional programs to distribute your content into the right hands.

We'll make sure that your content marketing plan maximizes on reach and inspires loyalty from your customers on an ongoing basis.

We provide results > Social, SEO and Content Marketing case study

Email Marketing

Developed strategically, email marketing can deepen a trusted relationship with your audience. Poorly executed, email can be the end of it. And the customer database you’ve built (or the one yet to be), is one of your most important and treasured assets, and should be treated as such.

At Liberty Interactive Marketing, we'll work with you to develop an email marketing strategy that delivers relevant, valuable and timely information to your most important customers, a strategy which will ultimately increase your bottom line. We will create a program that is easy to implement, execute and track. And we'll help you build customer loyalty by creating customized communications that target specific audience segments with relevant content and deliver measurable results.

Lean on us for:

  • Email design and content development
  • ESP to CRM Integration
  • Success metrics reporting and optimization


We've built a proprietary performance and reporting system that is customized to the key performance metrics relevant to your companies' goals and objectives. You'll see the right metrics and be provided an analysis each month on how to optimize existing campaigns, your website and overall online presence.

What we'll do:

  • Work with you to establish a plan for tracking performance goals and process for status changes
  • Evaluate key metrics for tracking across various channels including but not limited to website, blog, social networks, search engines, email
  • Set up and implement tracking for micro-conversion events such as video plays, ebook downloads, email signups
  • Set up and implement tracking for macro-conversion events such as eCommerce sales funnels and revenue, leads, opportunities and customers
  • Integrate with new or existing CRM systems like Salesforce
  • Integrate with new or existing email service providers (ESPs) like ExactTarget, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp as well as others
  • Develop lead nurturing and retention marketing cycles
  • Help you understand and determine cost per lead (CPL), lifetime value of a customer (LTV), marketing contribution to sales pipeline, ROI
  • Provide you with a customized monthly report that allows for easy evaluation of success or improvement, along with recommendations for next steps and best practices

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