ppc management and seo services

We are your team. Not just a vendor. It’s our job to make your life easier on a day-to-day basis and when it comes to managing, growing and optimizing your PPC campaigns and SEO you need a partner you can trust. We are a partner who stays in constant communication with you, understands your goals and the steps to take to achieve them.

Our focus is on building trust and making you look like a rock star.

ppc management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management and Paid Search Engine Marketing

Do you need help with search engine marketing management on Google Adwords or paid advertising on Facebook? Most campaigns fail to maximize ROI due to poor organization and structure. Secondly, applying the same methodologies across ad platforms can also diminish results. Our company has proven success in search marketing and ppc management that maximizes every dollar spent. Our PPC management services include strategy, competitive review, account setup, ad creation, day-to-day management and reporting. We work with clients located in the Los Angeles area and nationally.

For most of our clients, we handle landing page strategy, development and testing too.

What makes our PPC management different?

  • We are not afraid of data, our PPC management team specializes in data analysis
  • Active daily management and monitoring by a real human, we don’t set and forget
  • Continuous testing and optimization plans across all elements
  • We are not just your vendor, we are your partner and an extension of your team
  • Ongoing transparent and timely communication
  • We are accountable

PPC Management Channels we specialize in:

  • Google Adwords including ad formats (video, mobile) and the entire suite of products within (display, product listings)
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

We provide results > PPC Management case study

seo services

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

SEO is imperative to any organization's online presence. If you're looking to handle an online reputation management issue, increase your visibility for branded or targeted terms, or understand how to best position your company online amongst your competitive set - we can help.

We'll craft an SEO plan that will improve your online presence and reach your marketing goals. First, we conduct a search engine marketing assessment and Technical SEO Audit that provides insight into your audience and online reputation and illuminates ways to increase visibility to your target audience(s).

We review the online customer experience and how users are moving through the different stages of your buying process, online integrations and online business processes.

The result is a guidebook of recommendations to increase the search engine visibility of your company and improve your online customer experience.

With our proprietary Internet marketing dashboard we'll deliver baseline and performance reviews for organic traffic, conversions and search rank position for targeted terms on a regular basis.

Core SEO consulting expertise:

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis and Opportunity Study
  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Website SEO Best Practices Implementation

We provide results > SEO case study


Reports That Are Easy to Digest & Performance Metrics Key to Your Goals

We've built a proprietary performance and reporting system that is customized to the key performance metrics relevant to your companies' goals and objectives.

At the end of every month you'll receive a report with all the important metrics relevant to your goals (not a 30-page Google Analytics report)with upcoming optimization and testing plans. You'll see the right metrics and be provided an analysis each month on how to optimize existing campaigns, your website and overall online presence.

What we'll do:

  • Work with you to establish a plan for tracking performance goals and process for status changes
  • Evaluate key metrics for tracking across various channels including but not limited to website, blog, social networks, search engines, email
  • Set up and implement tracking for micro-conversion events such as video plays, ebook downloads, email signups
  • Set up and implement tracking for macro-conversion events such as eCommerce sales funnels and revenue, leads, opportunities and customers
  • Integrate with new or existing CRM systems like Salesforce
  • Integrate with new or existing email service providers (ESPs) like ExactTarget, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp as well as others
  • Develop lead nurturing and retention marketing cycles
  • Help you understand and determine cost per lead (CPL), lifetime value of a customer (LTV), marketing contribution to sales pipeline, ROI
  • Provide you with a customized monthly report that allows for easy evaluation of success or improvement, along with recommendations for next steps and best practices

we listen and collaborate

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Global ad spending on video will increase by 23% this year to $27.2 billion.

Global Ad Spending On Video Will Increase By 23% This Year To $27.2 Billion

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