4 Principles to Creating Awesome Website Content

Are you trying to increase traffic to your website? As you know, content is what drives visitors to your site. It turns visitors to leads and leads to customers. It is one of the most important aspects of any website.

Use the following principles and you are well on your way to building a process to creating killer website content.


First things first, your content needs to deliver the right message based on your business goals. Your webpages should:

  • Clearly convey what you do within seconds
  • Provide powerful value proposition
  • Guide your visitors towards a specific action

To ensure your delivering your message in the clearest way possible, you’ll want to use compelling headlines and sub-headlines to break up chunks of text. It’s also best to avoid industry jargon and clichés. Finally, including calls-to-action and setting expectations of next steps is a great way to guide visitors towards a specific action.

Educate and Offer Value

We really can’t emphasize this point enough. This is the area where many businesses face difficulty. Just remember that you need to build trust among your web visitors before they turn into leads and customers.

Not everyone that lands on your site is ready to buy. Think of it like this – rather than talk about all your products and offerings, you need to be educating people and helping them solve problems or meet their desires, overcome fears.

Here are some more tips on educating and offering value:

  • Provide many forms of content like blog articles, videos, whitepapers, and others to nurture your prospects through the different phases of purchase.
  • Focus on offering advice. Do NOT just toot your own horn.
  • Write like you’re speaking directly to your audience. Be honest. Be Human.
  • Check out these content marketing trends your business should be focusing on.

Finally, the content you publish must be high quality. Nobody is going to read a poorly written article stuffed with awkward keywords. People have become much more selective compared to years past, and search engines are becoming more advanced as well, so it’s absolutely imperative that you take the time to create great quality content.

Make It Social and Easy to Share

Social media is a force to be reckoned with. If you create quality content that helps people in some way shape or form, it’s only natural those people will be inclined to want to share that content with their social networks.

So make it easy for your website visitors to share your awesome content and you’re practically guaranteed to see an increase in traffic. For example:

  • Add a sharing widget (AddThis or ShareThis) to every page on your website.
  • Set up auto-publishing on your blogging platform to share your content on your social networks.
  • Offer an RSS feed for your blog articles.

Publish Real Testimonials, Reviews and Case Studies

Our final piece of advice on how to create good website content is this – provide proof that you make your customers happy. Publish real testimonials, reviews and case studies on your site. You can even leverage other sites like Yelp and industry specific directories that provide reviews.

We hope these tips help you create stellar content that your visitors will love!

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