40% of Businesses Have Not Optimized Their Websites and Digital Marketing for Mobile

Key Takeaway:

If you’re one of those who have not optimized for mobile, you’re probably missing out on revenue from this channel. We have seen on average at least 50% of traffic to any website is coming from mobile devices now, although it varies greatly by industry.

Don’t know where to start? First, figure out how much of your total monthly traffic is coming from people on mobile devices. Then, dedicate the time that is needed to get your site functioning well on mobile and set up mobile-specific advertising campaigns. (Stat Source: Yodle and Research Now)

Key Takeaway:

This comes from a recent review of the biggest paid search spenders in online retail in 2016. Amazon was the top spender in paid search in 2016, spending $41.2 million per month in paid search advertising. But coming in second was Target, with an average monthly spend of $10.3 million in paid search alone. (Stat Source: Internet Retailer)

There’s a good reason why Target and Amazon spend so much on paid search. Not only does it contribute to overall web traffic, but it also helps boost in-store traffic and sales.

You certainly don’t have to spend millions in paid search to improve your bottom line like the retail giants, but you’re missing out on opportunities if you’re not using paid search at all. Need an expert in your corner? Get in touch with us today.

Key Takeaway:

Digital marketing is constantly changing. What was relevant even 6 months ago may not be relevant today. (Stat Source: Search Engine Journal 2017 State of Digital Marketing Annual Report)

When was the last time you had a full SEO audit of your website? We help our clients identify technical issues and other roadblocks that are hurting their visibility online. Contact us today if you’d like us to perform an SEO audit on your website.

Key Takeaway:

An often overlooked metric in PPC is the average ad position. If your ads are ranking lower than position 3 on average you’re probably spending more than you’d like for less than stellar results. There are many ways to increase your ad position, including increasing keyword bids and improving your ad copy. (Stat Source: Search Engine Journal 2017 State of Digital Marketing Annual Report)

Key Takeaway:

Many new small business owners neglect the time and financial resources needed for marketing and advertising. (Stat Source: US Small Business Administration)

Don’t make the same mistake. Invest wisely in your marketing and advertising. Beyond that, make sure you’re actually listening to customer feedback and providing the highest quality service and/or products.

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