74% of Consumers Say They are More Likely to Return to a Mobile-Friendly Site

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Key Takeaway:

This statistic is a big part of why Google started rolling out mobile-friendly website algorithm updates, fondly referred to as the big Mobilegeddon announcement by us search engine marketers. Despite the ‘big’ announcement on April 21, Google hasn’t penalized sites that are not 100% mobile friendly. Rather, they are just giving mobile-friendly web pages a little boost in mobile search results, but leaving everything else pretty much unharmed. (Stat Source: Google)

Key Takeaway:

Live streaming video is the hottest online technology right now. See how you can come up with creative ways to use live-streaming content to your advantage in your marketing campaigns.

Twitch.tv is known in the gaming world as the place gamers go to watch other gamers play. It was recently acquired by Amazon. So it is definitely a niche product, but there are other, more general live stream platforms you can use, such as YouTube, Livestream, and Ustream.tv. Don’t forget Periscope which is convenient to use with Twitter. If you are in a niche industry, try to find a niche live stream service, like Picarto.tv for artists and graphic designers, or Livecoding.tv for programmers. (Stat Source: MOZ)

Key Takeaway:

What was once meaningless just a few years ago is now part of everyday Internet culture and mainstream vocabulary. The #TBT hashtag really started taking root around April 2012, when it began surpassing mentions of “Throwback Thursday.”

Using popular trends such as this is a great way to illustrate the culture of your brand to your customers. Utilize trending topics and hashtags in your social media posts and find unique ways to tie your brand into the message to get more eyeballs on your company. (Stat Source: The Twitter Blog)

Key Takeaway:

Customer reviews are extremely valuable. They can make or break products. The idea of deceptive or fake reviews is disturbing to business owners, and rightfully so. Many fear that competitors will write negative reviews posing as real customers to try and sabotage the business. However, marketing researchers at the Kellogg School of Management have recently discovered a unique type of deceptive review – written by a company’s best customers.

These customers posted reviews on the website of a prominent apparel company. In a nutshell, research found that the customers did not purchase or use the product they reviewed. However, they felt like they were so familiar with the brand and its products (they have on average each purchased over 100 items from the retailer) that they view themselves as “self-appointed brand managers.” They think it is their duty to guide the company to be better.

It is your job as a business owner to monitor online reviews of your products and services and do the best that you can to keep them legitimate. (Stat Source: KelloggInsight)

Key Takeaway:

Gmail is now the top email service, above Hotmail, Yahoo and everyone else. So when you’re checking your email marketing templates to see how they render on the top platforms and devices, you better make sure that they look good on Gmail and iPhones. And if you’re a rock star, you’ll make sure they look good on the other top platforms and mobile devices as well. (Stat Source: Google)

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