Voice Search: Amazon To Launch Paid Search On Alexa

Key Takeaway:

With the huge success of Alexa, Amazon is looking to launch an advertising platform designed for voice search. This is big news for marketers who have been excited for the opportunities voice search offers. The news came from Amazon Media Group VP Seth Dellaire during an event in New York last week. (Stat Source: Business Insider)

Google has it’s own home assistant product as well, called ‘Google Home’, and we can definitely say with confidence they will be exploring how to incorporate their massive advertising platform into it. Marketers need to stay on top of voice search trends as they relate to both SEO and paid search to maximize digital marketing results.

Key Takeaway:

How did your business perform during the 2016 holiday season? If you were expecting more results, you may benefit from a paid search audit to uncover any points that may be preventing your ads from performing their best. (Stat Source: Adlucent)

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A featured snippet is the box that comes up in Google search when a person types in a question. Also sometimes referred to as the ‘answer box’. (Stat Source: MOZ)

Is one of your competitors showing up in a featured snippet where you want to be instead? You may be able to win that spot away from your competitor by doing a few small tweaks on your end. As a tip, review your top ranked keywords and correlating pages, and see if another website is showing up in the featured snippet. Then check your content, and see if you can make it better, either via formatting or improving the informational content on the page. Finally, ping your updated page so Google re-crawls it, wait a few days, and then check if your strategy worked.

Key Takeaway:

You need video content, plain and simple. But don’t let it overwhelm you. There are many services out there that will make easy videos for you. What’s important is figuring out which specific methods of video marketing works for your business. If you’re a company in the professional space, video ads may make more sense than video blogs or tutorials for example. (Stat Source: Cisco)

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