Choosing Ecommerce Software

Whether you are a small to medium sized business, choosing ecommerce software can be daunting especially for novice ecommerce entrepreneurs.  Here are a few thoughts, tips, and questions to ask your ecommerce vendors before purchase.

1. Before researching any ecommerce software vendors, take a look at your business online.  Outline key objectives and goals in the areas of operations, accounting, shipping, etc.
2. Think about your audience and what information, features, etc. they will need in order to make informed decisions before purchasing.
3. Go as far as to outline the process and flow from customer facing front-end to back-end needs.
4. Make a list of technology requirements and ask about their technology in regards to platform, search marketing, lifecycle email marketing and customer database management.
5. Do your research and understand your needs.
6. While you may be overwhelmed with choices and savvy reps trying to sell you on how great their product is, understand that you can start small with the right product and ask your vendor if it can scale to your big dreams.

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