How to maximize your email marketing in-house.

Email is even more prevalent today than it was 4 years ago when folks were using their email clients as filing systems. The face and the functionality of email has changed tremendously over the last four years.

While commonplace, the “monthly newsletter” still remains highly popular and organizations are still continuing to move onto a more sophisticated email platform (e.g. they are stopping sending bulk email through Outlook) and looking to understanding how to manage their “lists.” If you are still struggling with making that first step of signing up with a professional email service provider I suggest making the decision quickly and moving quickly.

Your competition most likely has already taken this step and is looking now towards changing up their program and staying current with trends, best practices, and coming up with innovative ways to stay current, relevant and valuable.

If your budget doesn’t afford you with the luxury of hiring a Internet Marketing firm to manage your email:

  • Hire an Internet Marketing consultant to help you with your email marketing strategy and get your email marketing program set up so that you can manage it internally.
  • Have your Internet marketing consultant help you put a plan in place for managing your company’s reputation both with email recipients and ISPs to ensure your message is getting delivered.
  • Your consultant should ask you what available resources you have in-house and determine the best program and available options to achieve your desired outcome / goals.
  • Request a plan for testing and optimizing your email campaigns, from template layout to frequency of send. Understanding your audience and how they react to the content they are receiving, how they are receiving it and when they are receiving it can help you develop a set of best practices for your company’s email marketing program.
  • Schedule either monthly or quarterly meeting with your Internet marketing consultant to audit your campaigns and progress. Often times they will be able to help you with new ideas to refresh your campaigns with regard to content, segmentation, and building your list.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask your email recipients how they want to receive communication, what type of content they would like and how often. You may find that you have two or more distinct groups within your audience and that different messages will encourage further engagement as well as show your recipients that you respect them by providing them with the information they want to receive.

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