Facebook and Google’s Real-Time Results: How will it affect you?

It was just announced that Facebook pages will now be a part of Google’s real-time results. There is still no way of knowing if or when your status updates will also start to appear but pay attention, this is a major game changer. If you thought changing your privacy settings on your Facebook profile was going to keep everyone on the outside, think again. Last week we sat in on a webinar on Bing’s search engine and one feature hit a nerve with us – how and from where Bing pull images into their results.

We took a closer look by searching our own company name “liberty interactive marketing” in Bing’s images tab and found that profile pictures of our Facebook fans came up for our very own company name.

The key point to highlight here is that there is no such thing as privacy. There is only perceived privacy. There are loopholes. Kind of like when you join an association, purchase membership, or opt-in to any program – many companies use that “relationship” as a legitimate reason to contact you or loan out your information. In this case, the relationship of you fanning a company page may be permission by proxy to Facebook then to Bing (given their new relationship with Facebook) to pull in any data they want….this includes your mug or at some point status updates.

While both Google and Bing are figuring out real-time search and what data makes sense to display as a result (primarily trending for now), Facebook is slowly opening up the gates of information and in my opinion, in all the wrong ways.

Facebook is taking the fun out of Facebook. I would really like to be wrong in this prediction, but this direction seems to be headed down the wrong road. Why?

Because of the unknown. Google plans on more than 550 updates to their algorithm in the coming year (they made over 450 in 2007), their search engine algorithm is smart, really smart. There is no telling how the engineers will figure out how to use this data and it may be at your expense.

Privacy is gone. Bing has proven that with its image display.

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