Google AdWords is About to Give Advertisers 2x More Space with Expanded Text Ads

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Are you ready for this? The new longer format is designed to give advertisers better results on mobile devices with bigger headlines and an extra-long description. Google has a mobile-first mindset, meaning that these ads are most definitely going to be applied across both mobile and desktop, with the text simply wrapping automatically based on device.

This is possibly one of the biggest changes Google has made to its advertising platform in many years. As for the timeline, Google only says it will be available “later this year.” Get more details about this on the Google blog.

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This extension has started to roll out as of last week, and will continue becoming available to all advertisers throughout the summer. It will display on mobile and tablet devices and will have a sliding functionality for users. So, make sure you are ready whenever it becomes available to you. Note that Google does not specify exact dates of when these new features will become available to everyone.

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That’s a lot of people.

At $99 per year for Prime membership, Amazon must be raking in the profits, right?

While that is true, Amazon certainly makes profit, what’s interesting is that, without Prime, Amazon would still be in the red. Yep! You read that right. Amazon would still be losing money if it weren’t for Prime subscription revenue.

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These featured Amazon stats are in honor of the company’s annual Amazon Prime Day, which was yesterday, June 12, 2016.

In case you don’t know much about Amazon Prime day, it is “a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members.” This year (2016) is only its second year running, but 2015 was a BIG year. In fact, according to Amazon…

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Study the business and marketing strategies of big companies like Amazon, but also your direct and indirect competitors, to see what other organizations are doing. It’s always good to know where you stand among the pack so that you can break out as a leader.

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