How To Get Star Reviews On Your Paid Search Ads

Are you racking your brain trying to figure out how to get those awesome gold-star reviews to show up with your paid-search ads? Don’t sweat it – we’re here to tell you exactly how to get it done.

First things first, we want to clarify that we are talking about the star ratings that display along with PPC ads:

Here are five services you can use to get star reviews on your paid search ads.


What they offer: Feefo takes the work out of getting customer reviews for your products. They invite your customers to leave feedback about their purchases. Then they publish that feedback on the merchant website (in this case, Google). They also have an integration feature that can put the reviews on your own website to help with conversions and reputation.

What’s the benefit: Your star ratings will show up on Google, which demonstrates trust to the consumer. You can also share the reviews on social platform to allow new consumers to engage with your brand.

Expected results: Increased website visits, sales, and positive brand reputation, plus the ability to monitor the customer experience across your business.




What they offer: They make it easy for people to see your star ratings in three different parts of Google’s services: search optimization, shopping, and seller ratings.

What’s the benefit: The star ratings help you stand out from your competitors.

Expected results: Higher conversion rates.



Trust Pilot

What they offer: The ability to leverage your customer reviews to build your rep, drive traffic, increase conversions and improve service.

What’s the benefit: Their services can help build hype for new product launches and best-selling products.

Expected results: Increase search engine ranking and stand out from your competitors.



Reseller Ratings

What they offer: This company has three major services – product reviews, brand reviews, and product Q&A.

What’s the benefit: Generate and leverage reviews across the web, not just on Google but also on Facebook, Microsoft adCenter, Bing Shopping, and within your own site.

Expected results: When using their product review service, you can increase conversion rate by as much as 100%, according to Reseller Ratings. With their brand review service, you can expect an increase in CTR and a decrease in overall costs. With their product Q&A, you can “easily and efficiently add Q&A support to your product pages. Increase your product page conversion rates and lower your customer service costs.”



For more information, read through the Google Adwords Support article on the topic which also include the full list of recognized review sites you can use to boost your paid search performance.

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