Launching a site with or without SEO in mind.

A blog I frequently visit: called out an article by Ann Smarty from Search Engine Journal, titled “Launching a New Site: With SEO in Mind & as if Search Engines Did Not Exist”.

I found this particularly interesting because it seems there are a lot of folks out ther frantic to get their new Web site indexed and crawled and ranking, etc. immediately. Additionally, there is concern that their new site is going to get sandboxed by Google. All of this anxiety is undue, let’s remember that patience is a virtue and that as long as you have built a sound and relevant site that pertains to your desired clientele you’re going to be okay. As Barry Welford says, “Simply put it’s getting the fundamentals right then watching it grow.”

As someone who offers SEO services, I understand the anxiety that accompanies launching a new site. There is pressure to show results immediately. But taking the time to make sure that the fundamentals and a strong foundation are in place is the first step. You then have to sit back and watch where the traffic is coming from to make appropriate adjustments.

I might also recommend starting with a pay-per-click campaign to jump start this research and determine what keywords are working for your site. It can also help build your contact database and email marketing list which in turn will become a great asset to bringing returning traffic and sales to your site. Additionally, as Ann mentions, commenting on blogs and forums to help boost some of your organic traffic.

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