Marketing Tools 101: Facebook Graph Search Update

By now you’ve probably noticed the search bar at the top of your Facebook feed, and you may also be wondering how it works and how it can benefit your role in online marketing.

Originally, the search feature was released in March, however it had limited search abilities. It was only able to search for people, pages, and apps. Now, Facebook has expanded its Graph Search abilities so that people can search for status updates, photo captions, comments and even check-ins.

This means that the Facebook graph search now has data that is useful to you as a marketer. For example, let’s say you are putting together a promotional event for your company. You can now monitor Facebook posts about your event with Graph Search. Other opportunities include:

  • Searching by hashtag
  • Tracking brand mentions
  • Researching Facebook Fan interests to develop new content
  • Analyzing product use, reviews, etc.
  • Searching for a product

You can also now search based on location and time, opening up a wide range of possibilities for local search and real-time marketers.

Many people are concerned about their privacy with this new Facebook Graph Search feature, since lots of folks do not want their old stories to be able to be pulled up easily. Especially young adults who may want to keep their college party pictures deeply buried in their timeline. In fact, there are many articles coming out recently telling people how to update their privacy settings so that most of their information does not show up in Facebook Graph Search.

Even with a percentage of Facebook users updating their privacy settings to avoid the Graph Search, there is still a goldmine of information available in this handy little tool that marketers can use to create effective campaigns.

How are you planning on using Facebook Graph Search in your marketing? Share your thoughts with us.


  1. Graph search is powerful for sure. I can’t figure out how to LIKE pages discovered in Graph Search as my business Page. Or, do you have to keep switching back and forth from account to page? Very frustrating. Thanks

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. You can make yourself and admin user on your business page and from your business page go up to Edit page > Manage Roles (then add yourself). Then go back to your business page, Edit page > Use Facebook as “Company Name”. That should do it.

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