Mobile Accounted for Majority (53%) of Q1 Paid Search Clicks in North America

Key Takeaway:

This is up from 48% in Q4. Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this stat will vary by industry and company. For example, Merkle stated their own North American clients saw 39% share of paid clicks from mobile phones. (Stat Source: Merkle Digital Marketing Report)

So if you’re not seeing 50% of traffic coming from mobile, there’s no need to freak. But if you see issues with your mobile stats, like conversion tracking or CTR, you need to get to the bottom of them quickly. Not sure how to remedy the situation? Contact us today and let us know what’s going on.

Key Takeaway:

News like this makes you think. As digital marketers, a big bulk of our day is spent making clients look good on Google. But the company is not invincible. What would happen to SEO consultants and PPC management agencies, and the clients they represent, if Google’s search engine and paid search platform slowly (or quickly) became defunct? (Stat Source: BBC News)

If this were to happen, the most likely scenario is that other companies would rise up and take their place. Whether it would be many companies fighting to compete, or just one or two super-giants is up for debate.

Key Takeaway:

In comparison, 88% of US adults are familiar with the term social media, and 73% know of the term public relations. But when it comes to the real nuts and bolts of digital marketing, the regular population is a bit in the dark. Fewer than one in three of US adults knew of the terms earned media and native advertising. (Stat Source: The Harris Poll)

This is good news for digital marketers. It means people are engaging with our marketing and advertising campaigns online and not noticing that it’s marketing or advertising.

Key Takeaway:

First they liked Facebook best, then Twitter, Instagram and now Snapchat wins. Teens typically don’t like to hang with non-teens which is why they all jump ship when their parents and other adults join social media platforms. Can you blame them? (Stat Source: Piper Jaffray teen survey reported by FORTUNE)

If teens are part of your customer base or target audience, then consider a way to incorporate snapchat into your marketing.

Key Takeaway:

If that stat doesn’t scare you, it should. This same survey found that the top three most important elements of a good mobile experience are convenience, security and speed. So if you need to improve your mobile experience focus on those elements first. (Stat Source: Sitecore)

Need help with your SEO, paid search or mobile marketing initiatives? Drop us a line today and let’s figure out what you need, together.

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