How-to Build Inbound Links, continued…

So last night I posted some quick tips for getting started and being proactive with building inbound links.  But, I read an interview with Matt Cutts this morning (ironically conducted at SMX earlier this month – we were there!) that garnered an additional post.  I mean, really, you can’t get enough of this stuff or know enough of this stuff…it’s just so worth it.

Here is a great excerpt of the Interview by Eric Enge with Matt Cutts on Link Building:

Eric Enge: So, what I’d like you to start with, Matt, is just an overview of your thoughts of what the approach should be. And then, we can get into some more detailed stuff.

Matt Cutts: Yeah, totally. So, what are the links that will stand the test of time? Those links are typically given voluntarily. It is an editorial link by someone, and it’s someone that’s informed. They are not misinformed, they are not tricked; there is no bait and switch involved. It’s because somebody thinks that something is so cool, so useful, or so helpful that they want to make little sign posts so that other people on the web can find that out.

Now, there is also the notion of link bait or things that are just cool; maybe not helpful, but really interesting. And those can stand the test of time as well. Those links are links generated because of the sheer quality of your business or the value add proposition that you have that’s unique about your business. Those are the things that no one else can get, because no one else has them or offers the exact same thing that your business offers.

For the nitty gritty and more in-depth link building techniques and ideas read the full article.

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