MySpaces Launches Ads –


MySpace just launched a new ad platform called

    The platform allows advertisers to:

  • Create display/banner ads using provided templates or allows the upload of custom ads
  • Target Audiences down to the specifics (Interest and Occupation, Demographics, Geography)
  • View your audience reach of unique users as you narrow your target audience, this system also adjusts suggested bid
  • Payment Options and Who Can Advertise
    Payment is on a CPC (cost per click) basis. Currently they are only accepting credit cards and are only running in the U.S. They are offering a $25 credit to new users for 1 week. Use CODE web06250925 during checkout.

    Reporting & Tracking
    I asked several times whether they would be providing any type of conversion tracking to advertisers but received no answer. I will follow up with Lisa Carrieri later this week to see if I can get details. Currently, the platform does offer basic reporting on impressions, clicks, and CTR.

    Why You Should Try
    The CPC model and the targeting and uploading of ads allows the advertiser to have more control of their ads. This will open up a whole new methodology for testing and launching ad campaigns. With the ability to test which ads are performing best and the ability to gain a better understanding of who your target audience will be highly cost effective. MyAds can also serve as a valuable testing platform before launching a National offline campaign.

    Let’s hope they don’t have the same click fraud problems as Facebook.

    Let us know if you have used the platform and what your thoughts are.


  1. Just saw your post. Not sure if its on your radar, but Yahoo! recently launched MyDisplay Ads, which is similar to the Myspace ads, but has more templates and as you know caters to a different set of demographics. Great local advertising option.

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