Take Advantage of New Features and Products Announced at Google Marketing Live

On May 24, 2022 Google held its Marketing Live event. It was the first time the event was actually live with people attending in-person since before the pandemic. The event is focused on how Google can help advertisers with all things digital marketing. Each year at this event Google announces new advertising products and features and this year was no different. Keep reading to learn about the top announcements and newest features coming to Google Ads soon.

Search & Shopping

The newest feature coming soon to search is the ability for merchants to feature 3D models of their products directly on the SERP. Augmented reality technology makes this possible and will improve the ad experience for the end-user, as it will allow shoppers to easily visualize how products will look in their spaces.

Next, there’s a new shopping ad format that will be rolling out to U.S. advertisers later this year. The ad is intended to be more visually striking than the standard shopping ads that are currently available. These new shopping ads will be clearly labeled as ads and will be able to appear in dedicated ad slots throughout the page.


Google released a new feature on the day of the event, allowing ads in Video action campaigns and App campaigns to display on YouTube Shorts. For those who don’t already know, YouTube Shorts are Google’s short-form video experience like TikTok videos. YouTube Shorts are 60 seconds in length or less, and these videos show up on the YouTube homepage, in the Shorts Tab on the YouTube app, and on channel homepages.

Mobile Display

Mobile responsive display ads are an all-new type of ad featuring a mobile-first layout. These ads are intended to help advertisers showcase their brands on full-screen portrait ad inventory. In addition, Google is rolling out scrollable ads and videos.

Performance Max

Google announced several new features and capabilities for its new Performance Max campaigns. Here’s the run-down:

  • Experiments, including A/B tests will be available so that advertisers can determine how Performance Max campaigns are driving conversions
  • Ability to optimize for in-store sales, store visits, and local actions
  • Burst campaigns which run for specific, brief windows of time to help support seasonal in-store events
  • Ability to see more insights and explanations on what’s driving performance including attribution, audience, and auction insights
  • Optimization score and recommendations on how to improve the campaigns


Just like Apple updated its iOS to allow users to opt out of any in-app data collection, Google is launching a similar feature for users to have more control over their privacy and ad preferences. Google is calling it My Ad Center and is releasing it later this year. According to Google, “People will be able to pick the types of ads they want to see more or less of, and control how their data informs ads they see across YouTube, Search and Discover.” My Ad Center will replace Ad Settings and About This Ad.

So, those are the main highlights to be aware of and take advantage of announced in the 2022 Google Marketing Live event. If you have any questions about how any of these announcements may impact your advertising campaigns, contact us today.

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