PPC Search Engine Management – Vital in a down economy

Now, more than ever it is vitally important to have professional ppc search management company in place for your paid search and ppc campaigns.

A new report by JupiterResearch (commissioned by Marin Software) found that:

  • 85 percent of marketers surveyed by JupiterResearch complained that the complexity of paid search management is growing.
  • Large scale companies are finding it difficult to resource talent and appropriate ROI tracking mechanisms to scale their campaigns for growth.

If you’re not a company spending $500k/month, you should still have your campaigns managed by a professional.  Here are a few reasons why it’s important to have the right PPC Search Engine Management company in place:

  1. Search engine advertising rules change continuously
  2. Campaigns must be monitored continuously to maximize performance
  3. Testing of ads and landing pages must be done continuously or you are leaving money on the table
  4. Competition enters the market daily and increases costs, most noteably unsophisticated competition increases costs
  5. Ad writing is an art; creativity is limited
  6. Budget needs to be managed wisely; every dollar needs to be tracked

Consider this – Google made $16.4 billion dollars in 2007 off their Adwords platform. If you’re setting up an account simply because it takes 5 minutes and a credit card and Google provides you with recommended keyterms – you should be worried.  This is the same reason why you should not have the IRS do your taxes – they aren’t looking out for your best interest and they aren’t looking for ways to save or make you money.  They get paid per click so if all components (keywords+as+landing pages) are not tracked, measured, optimized, and refined you might as well be throwing money out the window.

Here’s a more in depth article on this topic.

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