Sites That Aren’t Mobile-Friendly are Seeing up to a 10% Dip in Organic Traffic

Key Takeaway:

Mobilegeddon is real. Don’t ignore it. Start with making your homepage and top entry pages mobile-friendly and work back from there. Not sure how to figure out which pages to optimize first? Shoot us a message – we’re happy to help you out. (Stat Source: Adobe Digital Index)

Key Takeaway:

Do these stats match up with your email list? You are most likely sending to a ton of Gmail users, so it’s important to focus your email marketing efforts on this email provider. With the new way that Gmail is organized into multiple tabs, you should try to get your emails into the Primary Tab, rather than the Promotions Tab. The easiest way to do this? Engage your subscribers, maintain high open and click rates, and finally, simply ask your wonderful subscribers to move your messages to the Primary inbox! (Stat Source: MailChimp)

Key Takeaway:

Google Shopping ads are very different from classic PPC ads. You have to set up a merchant center and regularly upload and check product feeds to make sure all of your products are approved to advertise on Google Shopping. While they take time and effort, they are worth it in terms of ROI.
Side note – Google just announced a new service where you can purchase products directly from Google, rather than from a third-party site. Looks like they are attempting to directly compete with online retail giant Amazon. (Stat Source: Google Shopping)

Most people are still more comfortable buying online products on desktops rather than mobile devices. However, there are plenty of ways you can improve the shopping experience on mobile devices for your customers. The number one thing people care about is security, so make sure your site clearly states the security measures it has in place to keep customer data safe and secure. (Stat Source: Google Analytics)

If you care about data, you should set up a phone number that is only used on your PPC accounts. That way, you know how many phone calls your PPC ads are driving. (Stat Source: Google AdWords)

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