Social Shoppers are Spending More Money Online than Ever Before

Key Takeaway:

This data is not just from a small sample of a few hundred shoppers. This comes from a report that sampled more than 7 billion online shopping visits during the second quarter of 2015. Additionally, the report shows that traffic from social sites to e-commerce sites has increased nearly 50% year over year.

This trend is largely attributed to e-retailers digging into customer data and leveraging that data to improve the online shopping experience. It’s also in part due to social sites providing more attractive and action-oriented features on business pages. For example, Facebook recently launched a Shop section that lets retailers feature products more prominently. They have also expanded their call-to-action buttons on business pages. (Stat Source: Monetate)

Key Takeaway:

Believe it or not, the 45-54 age group ranked highest on the scale of people who have purchased as a result of an email marketing message. In contrast, only 50% of people ages 15-17 have made a purchase because of an email marketing message.

Email is arguably a channel best suited for reaching older demographics rather than the youngest demographics. This makes sense when you consider teenagers and young adults feel most comfortable engaging with companies via social sites, mobile apps and text.

If you’re a retailer utilizing email marketing, focus on growing your subscriber list, composing compelling email messages, and measuring your performance so that you can continually make improvements. (Stat Source: DMA)

Key Takeaway:

Starting Sept 1, Google rolled out native Gmail ads in Adwords for all advertisers. This can be a great way for advertisers to further develop their email marketing strategies and try out new ways to give promotional offers to customers. Gmail ads feature rich and interactive ad formats that work well in the inbox. The one that you’ve likely seen in your inbox is the collapsed ad that essentially looks like an email, just with a little ‘promotion’ indicator. Once a user clicks on this, they can see the expanded ad unit, which is a full-page native ad similar to a landing page. Users can even save the ad to their inbox and forward it to any of their contacts. (Stat Source: Google Adwords)

Key Takeaway:

Humans are forgetful. As marketers, it is our duty to craft creative and memorable messages so that we can control the 10% of what people actually remember about our brand. So how is this done?

In general, audiences are so over stimulated and distracted that it’s hard to break through the noise. The best way to grab attention is to surprise your audience in a good way. You want to mix an element of surprise with an element of familiarity. Here is a great example of a simple image that does just that. (Stat Source: Dr. Carmen Simon)

Key Takeaway:

Never underestimate the power of SEO. It works. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with online marketing and not know where to spend your time and energy. If you feel this way, focus on optimizing your website for search first and then build out from there. (Stat Source: CoSchedule)

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