3 Ways To Strong Arm Your Content Marketing Game Plan

As a savvy marketing professional you spend a decent chunk of your work-week collaborating with your co-workers to create authentic, engaging, and useful content, right? Don’t change this because as big as content marketing was in 2013, it’s expected to play an even bigger role in driving leads and sales in 2014. Content marketing is arguably the most powerful form of online marketing today, so here are some top factors to consider when tackling content marketing in 2014.

Get Ahead of the Curve with Mobile

The majority of people who own smart phones have them within arms-length distance at all times. Remember the near panic-attack you experienced last time you left your phone at home? The reality is that our phones are now an integral part of our everyday lives, and most of us break out into a sweat the moment we discover we are without our mobile device. That being said, you need to make sure your content is mobile-friendly. It’s also critical to understand how your readers are interacting with your content via their mobile devices. Take the extra effort to create a great mobile experience and you will set yourself apart from your competitors.

Build Your Reputation by Recommending Great Content

A person (or company) who spends all day talking about themselves and promoting only their products and services, is not going to be seen as an industry expert. They are going to be seen as a spammy, selfish advertiser who does not value customers or relationships. Instead, focus your content marketing efforts on building your reputation as an expert in your field by sharing third party content with your audience. Just the simple act of sharing someone else’s great content gets you some of the credit, even though you weren’t the creator. Of course, it is best to come up with general rules of what content is good to share and what is not so great. For example, you wouldn’t want to share any news that could drive customers away, but don’t be that shameless promoter that only posts your own content. Be a true leader in Content marketing by curating great content as well as creating it.

Reach Influencers

If you really focus on producing and publishing high quality content, you’re bound to reach top influencers in your market. Just a simple mention of your latest article or content piece by a top influencer on Instagram or Twitter, or a quick share of your latest blog post on Facebook, can generate thousands of extra views and clicks. If you don’t yet know who the top influencers are in your market, you better start doing some research pronto! These people can provide enormous overall value in the long run.

If you do end up establishing good relationships with the top influencers in your market, why not reach out and ask them to contribute content to your blog or website? This is a great way to get a fresh perspective on certain topics and you may even be able to provide your audience with some expert advice or highly-sought-after knowledge that can’t be found anywhere else. Just make sure that any contributed content is unique, of high-quality, and for informational purposes only.

What other ideas do you have to stay ahead of the curve with content marketing? Share with us by leaving a comment below, on Facebook or LinkedIn!

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