Successful Link Building. Get busy, it begins with you.

As you may or may not know, inbound links are one the main influencing factors in search engine rankings.  Getting some “link love” or “link juice” from other sites is tremendously time consuming and labor intensive.  You can hire a company to do this work for you, like Liberty Interactive Marketing, but you may find it prudent to first look in your own backyard.  Many opportunities to obtain inbound links to your site should first start with those closest to you, by simply reaching out to your customers, colleagues, etc. you may find that these folks are willing to add a link to your site from theirs. And ultimately, what is the harm in asking? They say no. So what? The advantage you have over your competition may be that you asked and they didn’t.  Either way, if you get a few links to your site, the time and effort put in is well worth it.

Here are three easy tips to get started:

1. Add a link to your thank you confirmation page or email confirmation that asks visitors to add a link to your site.

2. Make a few phone calls to colleagues, vendors, even friends and family, ask if they would be open to placing a link to your site on theirs.  Offer reciprocating link love if necessary.

3. Do some research on related services/products. Contact these companies and see what opportunities are available.

You’ve got no excuse, except if you are purposely trying to not rank well within search engines.

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