The Value of a Relationship: A Personal Tribute to a Friend, Colleague and Mentor

Business is and always will be about people.  No matter what anyone says, it is about who you know not what you know.  Business is about people. Business is about the relationships you build, share and maintain. I dedicate this post to five individuals who have had a major impact on my life as a professional and as an individual (outside of my loving and supportive family). One of which recently left this crazy world in hopes of finding peace.  I have tremendous respect and admiration for each and every one of these people.

Jason Baer of Convince & Convert, invoked the fire in me.  He taught me that I needed to get out of my own way to be the best I could be. He taught me to be a better person for myself, to be a better professional and to push myself to the limits.

Maggie Young of Red Flag Consulting, has been a friend and mentor, she has been instrumental in depicting how one handles themselves in a professional manner – no matter what the circumstance.  She is the most diplomatic person I know and articulate beyond belief.

Eva Voorhees of Tiny Advertising, pushed me off the proverbial cliff of entrepreneurship.  She helped me get my first client and has never stopped believing in my talent.  Eva is a wonderful lady that has unabashedly supported me and remains a client and friend to this day.

Chris Johnson of Terralever, from day one, welcomed me into his world. He opened up his business for me to learn without reservation and he gave me his friendship without expecting anything in return.  He has always been open and honest with me, and at times when I faltered he forgave and continued to support me and still does to this day.  He continues to be a integral part in my life as a mentor and friend.

Andy Richter of Terralever wanted me to be the best I could be.  He taught me that hard work deserves reward, and that there should be no hard work without reward. He always believed in me and trusted me from day one without reservation. He had faith in me. Andy was always so supportive and accepting without judgment. He had such a great spirit – he will be missed by so many.

Despite my decision to leave Terralever Andy and Chris always remained supportive and interested in my success.  They really showed me the true meaning of “if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.”

All of these people are entrepreneurs and I have had the good fortune to work for and with all of them.  I am a lucky one, to  be surrounded by kind-hearted genuine people, who are brilliant, inspiring, motivating and supportive. I am truly fortunate to know all of these people and I am grateful for their friendship, their support, and mentoring.

Thank you to all of you for believing in me, for supporting me, for pushing me to be the best I can be. I would not be where I am today without your support and guidance.

Often times, we think to tell our loved ones first that we care and appreciate them and all too often we forget to tell those who have helped us professionally and personally.  The biggest lesson is that many people will never know how much an impact they have made on your life and how very important it is to never assume they did.

It is unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to reflect on who has had an impact on my life and has played an instrumental role in who I have become. I am sorry I will never be able to tell Andy how much he meant to me.

Take this moment, this day, and every day after to tell the people in your life how much they mean to you, how they have inspired you, supported you…just how much of an impact they have made.


  1. Liver, I know how hard it is to write a post like this. Thank you for including me. But, you’ve got it all wrong.

    I’m lucky enough to know all the people you mentioned, and feel strongly about each of them. And I know that all of us have mentored and pushed and supported dozens of others. With you, it worked. With you, it made a difference.

    It’s not always that way.

    The reason these people have been able to assist you in your own impressive journey is not because of them. It’s because of you. Helping people is easy. Accepting help is hard. You’ve always wanted to learn, and to improve, and to grow. Don’t ever underestimate that, because it’s a difference maker.

    It’s always gratifying to be thanked. It truly is. Especially in these times, when kindnesses and hugs and special moments are so infrequent. But, it’s even more gratifying when someone recognizes the power of mentorship, and continues the cycle. I try to make a point of helping people because I have my own list of people who shaped me.

    You’ll try to help lots of people in your life, too. You already are. I just hope you find your own Liberty. Someone special that takes what you give, multiplies it, and changes trajectory.

    I’m proud of you not because of your success – which is significant – but because I know you’ll keep it rolling. Someday soon, someone will write a post like this (hopefully under better circumstances), and you’ll be one of the people they thank.

    For me, that would be the best reward of all.

    I look forward to watching you pay it forward.

  2. Liberty–this was an awesome post. Thanks for putting it out there like this and reminding us all to give thanks to the people around us. So glad for you that you went out and “found your way”. Enjoy the success and all that rewards that entrepreneurship brings with it.

    PS: It was nice to run into you a few times this week, just wish it was under different circumstances. Andy will be deeply missed.

  3. Liberty…profoundly beautiful heartfelt sentiments…thank you for your pathos and insightful reminder of what is a most meaningful revelation in our journey through life…an appreciation of self and those individuals that have impacted us most…we are indeed fortunate to have you in our lives…

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