This Week’s Top 5 Online Marketing Stats & Key Takeaways: Ecommerce, Mobile, YouTube Shopping

Custora recently put together an extensive report which analyzed the growth of mobile e-commerce over the past few years. The fact the more than one-third of online shoppers in 2014 came from mobile and tablet devices compared to just 3.4% in 2010 is truly amazing! (Custora Pulse Report)

Key Takeaway:

Use your marketing analytics software to dig deep and uncover ways you can improve the mobile shopping experience for your customers. Utilize user behavior tracking tools like Crazy Egg* to discover how customers are using the mobile version of your site and how it is rendering across mobile devices. You may find your navigation is to cumbersome for mobile users or that your cart is not responding correctly across all mobile devices.

Wishpond conducted research on inbound and automated marketing as part of a slide deck presentation, and found that 50% of qualified leads are not ready to purchase immediately. (Wishpond)

Key Takeaway:

This statistic should be top-of-mind when you’re developing your marketing plans for your business. Think of ways you can help your potential customer rather than always thinking about how you can sell to them. Offer content and services that provide real value to your customer.

For example, Capital One recently launched Credit Tracker, a free online service and mobile app that lets cardholders view their credit score, the factors affecting it and the consequences of their future credit behaviors. I happen to be a Capital One customer, and love this free feature they launched just to help me. Think about how you can offer something similar to your potential and current customers. (Disclaimer: I’m not being paid in any way, shape or form by Capital One for these statements.)

According to BIA/Kelsey’s Consumer Commerce Monitor™ study, more than 10% of US consumers use YouTube for local shopping. BIA/Kelsey defines local shopping as any stage of the purchase funnel, from awareness through research, to transacting for products or services locally (within a 25-mile radius of your primary residence). The firm’s definition of local products and services includes items such as groceries, restaurants, drugstore items, gasoline and other high-frequency purchases. (BIA Kelsey)

Key Takeaway:

Video marketing, along with mobile, are two areas seeing the most growth and success in 2014. So if you’re going to increase budgets and resources in any specific area of your marketing, let it be video and mobile. Create some YouTube videos this year showcasing your unique products and services and use social channels to promote them across your network.

Email marketing can drive serious revenue, as this statistic from B2H Marketing Group makes clear. (B2H Marketing Group)

Key Takeaway:

If you thought email marketing was a thing of the past, think again. Yes, email marketing has been around longer than mobile and social, but it’s still an excellent way to build trust, offer valuable content, and establish brand personality.

The Digital Marketing Bureau recently compiled some social media research, and discovered that there are approximately 216,000 photos posted to Instagram every minute. (The Digital Marketing Bureau)

Key Takeaway:

People on Instagram are constantly looking at their feeds. This is a great channel for brands to get their content seen by people who care about their products. Make sure you focus on creating truly beautiful images, engaging with your audience and directing traffic back to your website. Oh, and make sure your audience is here.

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