Twitter Makes Updates, Adds New Features

While Twitter continues to be the buzz across the land, even Twitter doesn’t fully understand how it is changing the face of communication and interaction across the world. I was curious why Twitter was absolutely so slow yesterday but this morning when I logged on to the web version I saw why.

Twitter added the following to the web version:
1. Post Embedded videos
2. Post Embedded photos
3. Retweet (RT) functionality
4. Shorten URL functionality
5. Rollover on profile “followers” – ability to see followers most recent tweets
6. Ability to search your own tweets

These are the only ones I have seen thus far, but the micro-blogging utility has a lot to glean from the many applications that have developed out of its phenomenon. From desktop applications like tweetdeck, iphone apps like tweetie, and even firefox add-ons like tweetthat it seems there is no end to how far developers and marketers can take it.

Here are a few examples of embedded videos:

Embedded images:

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