Valentine’s Day Is A Big Opportunity For Retailers – $19.7 Billion Was Spent Last Year

Key Takeaway:

Don’t miss out on your share of revenue this Valentine’s Day. There’s still time to whip up some promotional offers and paid search ads to drive more potential customers to your website for this special holiday. (Stat Source: Bing)

Key Takeaway:

Sponsored posts and banner ads get less attention than organic posts from friends and pages. However, it’s about finding the right balance of social media activity to support your brand. (Stat Source: MarketingCharts)

This highlights the importance of first, creating a great product or service that people naturally want to tell their friends about. It can also be a game-changer if you can authentically connect with influencers in your space. Get them thrilled about your product, and they’ll tell their large base of fans.

Key Takeaway:

Social platforms struggle with a low level of consumer trust across the board, not just when buying products, but also reading news articles, and even down to the friends that request to connect. (Stat Source: MarketingCharts)

So the more you can do to establish trust, the better. Some tips include making sure you’re showing up in paid search and organically when people search your brand name or products on Google, Bing and elsewhere.

Key Takeaway:

Among other age groups, voice-enabled search is also growing in popularity, with 38% of Millennials, 27% of Gen Xers, and 15% of Boomers using it. (Stat Source: Accenture)

This means that changes are starting to happen in search engine optimization and the way search engines display results for voice queries. Try optimizing for voice search your top pages accessed by people on mobile. For example, optimizing for a full question rather than a shorter keyword phrase, may start to become more effective as voice search grows.

Key Takeaway:

Were you one of the retailers that failed to meet customer demands over the holidays? Or were you one of those that won additional business this year because your competitors fell short in their online ecommerce process? (Stat Source: JDA/Centiro)

Next year, make sure you learn from your 2016 holiday season and make adjustments to improve the user experience and purchase process.

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