In partnership with Visible Factors, when Liberty Interactive Marketing took over Google PPC Management for this client in 2015, we were tasked with turning the account around. Our goal was to grow lead volume exponentially and maintain a reasonable cost per lead. At the time, they were generating roughly 275 leads per month at a cost per lead of $114.

Within twelve months, we had increased lead growth on Google by 613% and lowered cost per lead by 23%.

  • In the following months we developed a Facebook ad strategy that today has become their primary source of leads and converts at half the cost of Google. Scaling the account from $5,000/month to $11,000/day and driving more than 8,000 leads per month.
  • During 2016, approximately 47,550 leads were generated between Google and Facebook
  • Substantial growth was experienced with 1,670 leads in January increasing to 8,025 in December, a 381% increase in monthly lead volume
  • Over the same period, the cost per lead decreased from $97.47 to $47.91, a 51% decrease



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