In 2019, Liberty Interactive Marketing ran a test campaign across multiple channels for National restaurant brand, True Food Kitchen. The focus of the digital marketing campaign was to test whether concentrated digital media can drive trackable store metrics in specific geographic areas. A secondary objective was to better understand how different creative calls-to-action perform across channels.


  • Ads reached 2.5 million people and drove 8,900 store visits
  • 90.3% Lift In In-Store Visitation
  • 101.6% Lift in In-Store Purchase Behavior
  • ROAS from the campaign was 17:1
  • Additionally, valuable demographic insights were gained for future restaurant advertising campaigns along with ad exposure insights, such as 35% of store visits occurred after viewing 2 ads and which types of ad formats to focus on to drive business outcomes.
  • All in all, this was a highly successful campaign and validated that the chosen channels are successful at driving business objectives.


📷 credit: Brigitte Ferdinandsen


True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen is the only restaurant fundamentally based on science which ensures all of its craveable dishes and drinks work to increase the longevity of our people and planet.