n 2022, Cupbop’s major franchise partner teamed up with Liberty to craft a strategic digital advertising campaign. The campaign’s mission was clear: drive increased store visits and revenue across their 19 locations spanning Arizona, Idaho, and Nevada. Our approach was meticulous, combining first-party data with insightful third-party sources, and deploying it through programmatic advertising using display, and video advertising formats.

The primary campaign key performance indicators (KPIs) included Store Visits and Brand Lift, with Online Orders, Revenue, and ROAS as secondary metrics. This comprehensive initiative spanned eight weeks, aimed at elevating brand awareness and achieving measurable results.


Our Store Visit Conversion Lift measurement study showed a 175% lift between the control and exposed groups in visit conversion rate, finding that people who viewed the ads visited at a rate 3X higher than those who did not see an ad. In other words, the ads had a significant impact on driving visits or interactions compared to the group that did not encounter any advertising.

The trial not only surpassed benchmark expectations and delivered a positive impact but also unveiled crucial insights. It demonstrated that the combination of touch points is a key driver of the conversion path, leading to increased store visits. Additionally, the recency factor, determining the time from ad exposure to store visits, was highlighted.

Cupbop expressed great satisfaction with the results, prompting plans for continued programmatic advertising campaigns in collaboration with the Liberty team.



The nation's first fast-casual concept, Korean BBQ in a cup. Originally starting out as a food truck in 2013 with four main dishes and a variety of special sauces from sweet to heat. They were featured on Shark Tank in May 2022, and opened their first store in 2023. With 42 locations throughout the US, they are a leading QSR in Asian cuisine.